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“Where Integrity, Trust, and Performance Still Matters”

Charles Flax, President - ITP Construction Services

charles flaxCharles Flax is the President of ITP Construction Services with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Mr. Flax worked 20 years for Hensel Phelps Construction Company. During his years at Hensel Phelps; he served in many capacities that ranged from field/office engineer, superintendent, to project manager. During the last 10 years of his tenure at Hensel Phelps, he served as Project Manager on a vast array of projects consisting of retail, military, government, transportation, education, and medical. I have worked on both public and private projects. Over the course of his career he worked on more than 25 projects that totaled over $1 billion dollars.

While serving as Project Manager, he won one of the Corp of Engineers highest civilian awards given to a contractor for demonstrated leadership and performance on the National Ground Intelligence Center Project (a $45 million facility). He has also won other awards within the construction industry for performance and leadership in management and safety.

Mr. Flax started ITP Construction Services in July 2009, with a concentrated focus on flatwork and site concrete. During this time we have worked with some of the leading contractors, agencies and developers in the Denver area. Some of the projects we worked on are Stapleton Redevelopment (Mortenson Construction), Eagle P-3 Light Rail System (Denver Transit Partners), I-225 Light Rail Line Project (Kiewit Construction), Denver Union Station (Kiewit Construction), Cadet Gymnasium Renovation (Swinerton Builders), RTD, Denver Housing Authority, and Kelmore Development.

Mr. Flax is also an advocate for fair and equal treatment of employees and subcontractors in the industry. While at Hensel Phelps, he established the Diversity Advisory Team (DAT) and the African-American Network (AA-Net). Both organizations were established to improve and increase diversity throughout the company.

Mr. Flax believes that commitment, dedication, and hard work will allow one to achieve all things. This philosophy is what ITP will bring to all of its clients and projects. ITP will always make the success of your project its primary objective.

These values are epitomized in ITP’s motto “Building traditions through Integrity – Trust – Performance”.